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Rio 2016 Olympics diary: And the award goes to ...

Published:Saturday | August 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMAndre Lowe

It's here!


Rio 2016 is officially underway.

After all the concerns we all had about coming here for these Games, now the biggest issue is trying to decide whether or not we liked the Opening Ceremony inside the Maracana.

Nonetheless, it always gives me a special feeling to see my countrymen and women walking behind the national flag and listen to foreigners go crazy over my island. I can only imagine the emotions experienced by the athletes themselves.


The ceremony got off to a good enough start, was shaping up to better than London - at least that is what I thought, but then, it kind of slowed down and became political.

There were some nice touches with the effort to raise the awareness around the environment and so on, but I think it fell flat after a pretty interesting start. There are many elements that I personally liked. The giant video board floor was well used I think and brought back memories of Beijing 2008, the music was lively throughout and there was an emotional value, but in the end it fell just short I think.

Loudest cheer?

Close between Jamaica, USA, Argentina (shockingly), Cuba and Mexico.

Obviously, Brazil isn't included.

Best outfits?


I quite liked Cuba's Christian Louboutin get-up. The Aussies were sharp, USA neat, France chic, Brazil gets two thumbs up. I liked the Jamaican gear ever since I saw them a few days ago - quite trendy. Problem is, I am also forced to like the Bahamas and Barbados kits since they were the same - just different colours.

In any event, I'm happy the Olympics is finally under way.

With competition starting tomorrow for our Jamaicans, it also means my collective hours of sleep will take a major hit over the coming days, but I certainly won't ever complain about covering the Olympic Games.

It's my third Olympics and the one that I'm most curious about to be honest.

At times covering these assignments can easily become just that - another assignment. My Brazilian friends have promised to ensure I actually get to experience this beautiful city and I am looking forward to it.