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INSPORTS clinics teaching fundamentals in east Kingston

Published:Thursday | August 11, 2016 | 12:12 AMLivingston Scott
Youngsters practising to pass and control at the football coaching course and seminar.
Participants practicing drills at the INSPORTS football coaching course and seminar.
Rudolph Barnes, coach and assistant national sports co-ordinator for INSPORTS at the football coaching course and seminar at Jacques Road Community Centre yesterday.


Since the first week of July, the Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) has been involved the communities of east Kingston, particularly around the Mountain View area, hosting football clinics and staging the Long Mountain Under-14 and Under-20 football competitions.
The Gleaner caught up with INSPORTS assistant co-ordinator, Rudolph Barnes, at a coaching seminar held at the Jacques Road Community Centre yesterday and he insisted they are not just helping youngsters on the field, but off it as well.
"Presently, INSPORTS has Under-14 and Under-20 competitions running from Rockfort to seven communities in Mountain View to as far as Rollington Town,” said Barnes.
"We have had clinics before and during the competition and our purpose is to teach the fundamentals, controlling and passing, to Under-14 kids. That is the main aim of this program," he continued.
The national sports agency hosts clinics twice weekly, Wednesdays for Under-14s and Fridays for Under-20s, at various locations in and around the Mountain View area.
"In summer the kids have nothing to do... and this time of year is known as the pop-shot time, so we give them something to do," he pointed out.
The next step is to implement the program on a national scale to further assist the Primary Schools Program, which INSPORTS also hosts.
"INSPORTS is trying to have a platform for the national program at the grassroots level, so when they move on it will be easier at the next level. So we are making a concerted effort to have it in every aspect and spectrum of the island," he emphasised.
Former Excelsior High and St George's College Manning Cup star, Zhelano Barnes, one of the instructors, says the clinic was an eye-opener.
"You need the basics to become a good player and some of the kids don't even know how to control. So this helps them to control, prepare the ball and think more," he reasoned.
Tevaughn Barnes, a participant, says he has gained from the program.
"It has helped me improve my ball control and the coaches have put out their effort to try and help me,” he said.