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It's like a giant beach party

Published:Friday | August 12, 2016 | 12:50 AMAndre Lowe
A triathlete swims in the waters of Copacabana Beach.


Just about everybody has heard about the place.
The popular Rio de Janeiro promenade is supposed to be one of the hottest spots in the entire country, the hemisphere, the world.
Sun, sand, bikinis, food, long coastline, parties, bikinis, rolling hills in the distant, culture, music, bikinis.
It’s like a giant beach party and, apparently, it’s basically like that everyday.
We had reason to be on the beach yesterday ­ and I guarantee you it was work this time; but that is one occasion that I won’t complain about at all.
Anyway, like I said, we had reason to be at Copacabana yesterday, but we ensured we took the opportunity to also capture as much as we could as we drove by.
First, the area is noted for its beach and the vibrancy of the general area, but what I did not realise was just how culturally rich the place is ­ from the Forte de Copacabana to the Bossa Nova Companhia, which I was told is dedicated to preserving one of Brazil’s music forms.
Then, of course, it’s the colourful people and energy of the place. Not many were in the water itself, which I’ve been told is quite safe for a swim, and even though we did not have a lot of time to really experience the place, it certainly did enough to guarantee another visit in the very near future.
I mean, I’m sure I’ll have some beach volleyball or something that I’ll need to cover. r.