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Spotlight on men's 100m

Published:Sunday | August 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Spotlight on men's 100m

Top 5 Olympic 100m final times

9.63 - Usain Bolt (London 2012)

9.69 - Usain Bolt (Beijing 2008)

9.84 - Donavan Bailey (Atlanta 1996)

9.85 - Justin Gatlin (Athens 2004)

9.86 - Maurice Green (Sydney 2000)

Jamaican Olympic 100m medallists

Usain Bolt (2)

Lennox Miller (2)

Yohan Blake (1)

Donald Quarrie (1)

Herb McKenley (1)

Jamaica Olympic 100m medals

2 Gold

4 Silver

1 Bronze

Olympic Record

9.63 (Usain Bolt - London 2012)

They said what?

Usain Bolt: "It's great to finally get started. I am happy and looking forward to the semis and final. It's going to be really good."

Yohan Blake: "Pressure? All the pressure is on Usain Bolt. I am in really great shape. I fear no one."

Justin Gatlin: "It felt good. I was in control. I just wanted to get through and get ready for the next day."

Trayvon Brommel: "Now the jitters are out the way, I'm ready to keep moving forward."

Nickel Ashmeade: "I wasn't planning to run so fast yesterday, but I'm through, and now I want to push for a podium spot. I have to try, right?"

Medal Predictions

Raymond 'KC' Graham

1: Usain Bolt 9.79

2: Justin Gatlin 9.84

3: AndrÈ de Grasse 9.88

Andre Lowe

1: Usain Bolt 9.66

2: Justin Gatlin 9.78

3: Yohan Blake 9.81