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Westmoreland to benefit from INSPORTS clinics

Published:Monday | August 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) officials (from left) Rudoplph Barnes, assistant national sports coordinator; Ian Andrews, administrative director; and Cleon Tomlinson, sports officer for Westmoreland, walk on the Llandilo playing field while making an assessment for upgrading exercises, to host another of their islandwide football community development coaching clinics.


The Institute of Sports' (INSPORTS) adminis-

trative team visited the Llandilo community playing field, among several others in Westmoreland, to observe the rehabilitation exercises being

carried undertaken.

This is in keeping with INSPORTS' ongoing efforts to expand its community football development coaching clinics, where approximately 150 youngsters from neighbouring communities in Westmoreland will benefit, commencing this month.

The aim of the rehabilitation project is to rid the playing fields of water log and unevenness in an effort to prevent injury to the players during the coaching clinics.

Llandilo is among several playing fields currently being upgraded to host the INSPORTS All-Island Community Football Championship.

"The Llandilo playing field has a lot of potential and this is a very good venture for INSPORTS to conduct," said Everton Tomlinson, president, Westmoreland Football Association (WFA).

"I'm really looking forward to seeing these programmes continue and I know the agency is working hard on many similar projects currently underway across the island," he observed.

The state agency is on a drive to establish centres within each parish to host its community football development coaching programme, in which approximately 5,500 youths will participate, with a projected 65 per cent increase in participation within a five-month period.


The coaching programme focuses on exercises geared towards improving the fundamental techniques of the game at the grass roots level. A 360-degree approach will be taken, integrating technical skills, tactical skills and fostering positive attitudes and discipline.

Key facets of the training exercises include ball control, where players will be instructed in the proper techniques of foot control, chesting, heading, kicking (shooting), movement (running on and off the ball), jumping and sweeping, as well as how to receive a pass, make a pass and shoot at the goal.

Focus will also be placed on developing the technical and physical ability needed to possess the ball, including skills such as marking and tackling.

Players will also be exposed to team play, the rules of the game, as well as team formation and the necessary skill set associated with defence, midfield and attacking positions.

"What we find is that we have many young people with the raw talent and passion for the game. However, they often lack the technical and fundamental skills needed to advance to the professional level," noted Ian Andrews, INSPORTS' administrative director.

"INSPORTS, therefore, saw it necessary to establish this coaching clinic programme to train players at the community level in the fundamentals of the game.

"What we are doing is establishing a feeder programme from the community level to the national level. When these players advance to play professionally, they would have already gained the necessary skills and expertise," he continued.

Assistant national sports coordinator for INSPORTS, Rudolph Barnes, shared similar sentiments.

"You can see the difference when you look at countries like Argentina, whose players are at an advanced level. They have the knowledge of the game, which is second nature to them. This is what the agency is trying to establish as a culture in Jamaica. It starts at the community level and doing this will only put Jamaica in a more competitive position," shared Barnes.

Kevin Blake, a player from the community, was impressed.

He said: "I'm really impressed with the number of activities that INSPORTS has been conducting. I want to commend the present sports minister, Olivia Grange, for encouraging the development of football and other sports within the communities."