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Three the hard way in 200m battle

Published:Thursday | September 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Andre Lowe: There's a lot of talk around the women's 200m these days and with all the big names here in Zurich for the final of the event. We certainly have a line-up to match the hype in what is sure to be an interesting race.

Raymond 'KC' Graham: The title has been sewn up already as Dafne Schippers holds an unassailable lead. The only thing on the line now is bragging rights.

Andre Lowe: Schippers will certainly be looking to return to winning ways against Olympic champion Elaine Thompson and knows well that this will set her up nicely heading into the next season.

Raymond 'KC' Graham: After her defeat to Thompson in Rio, Schippers will want to make amends here, and in a one-off situation, she has been excellent. On the other hand, Thompson will want to prove that her win in Rio was no fluke, but is she really that interested here?

Andre Lowe: Her coach has been saying that he thinks she can go faster than she did in Rio and that this will be their focus for the rest of the season. Whether or not she is as committed to that focus right now, especially after a gruelling season and the highs of Rio, that's left to be seen.

Raymond 'KC' Graham: Based on her 100m run in Lausanne, it seems that she is still in peak form. Skipping Paris to train and focus on the remainder of the season indicates that she still has motivation, and with her stocks now very high, she will want to keep the buzz going. We could see something special from her.

Andre Lowe: True. This rivalry is bound to excite us for seasons to come. The year 2015 belonged to the Dutch star, while 2016 has the Jamaican's rubber stamp on it. Thompson will continue to have her way, even if I think there are few more chapters to come in this story.

Raymond 'KC' Graham: So where do we put Allyson Felix here? Remember she did not make it in the event to Rio and after gold medal relay runs in the 4x100m and 4x400m, she will want to send a message that she is still around and remind everyone that she remains an elite sprinter.

Andre Lowe: She's a champion and can never be counted out. I think Felix is, however, already thinking about next season. She will obviously be a big factor here, but I believe the other two women are in better shape and a little bit more motivated at this particular moment.

Raymond 'KC' Graham: You could be right about Felix, but do not sleep on her because she has experience and could upset the applecart.