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Broomfield welcomes improvements to basketball courts

Published:Tuesday | December 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMRobert Bailey

President of the Jamaica Basketball Association Dr Mark Broomfield said refurbishing work on the National Stadium basketball courts is scheduled to begin at the end of this month.

Broomfield told The Gleaner in an interview that the National Stadium courts, the island's premier basketball facility, is in a deplorable condition and is in need of urgent repairs.

"It is well overdue, and I appreciate the decision and the move to finally do the repair work," said Broomfield.

"We wanted a little bit more than just really refurbishing because we wanted some renovation as well and some amount of expansion to the seating capacity," he said

"We also want protection of the court in terms of ensuring that if it rains, the courts don't get flooded with water from outside."

"We are hoping that with the refurbishing of the courts, we will get the necessary cleaning equipment to properly maintain the facility so that the life of it can be extended," Broomfield said.

He said the repair work will be completed in three phase, starting with the preparation of the surface, then the relaying of courts then the repairing of the stands.

"I am elated because we deserved a facility that we can have to train on and so even if it is outdoors, it's a good start for us, "he said.

"We would also love to have a discussion that looks at a fourth phase in terms of covering so that whenever it rains, we can still be able to play basketball," Broomfield said.

Meanwhile, Broomfield said the National Basketball League, which has been on a hiatus since 2013, due to the lack of sponsorship, is set to get under way early next year.

He said his administration is very close to securing a major sponsor for the competition.

"We have met with the SDF (Social Development Foundation), the minister of sports and private companies and we also have a marketing agency that is working on our behalf and we are close to securing a major sponsor," Broomfield pointed out.