Tue | Jul 17, 2018

Powell encourages clubs to invest in live-stream system

Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott

Over a year ago, Montego Bay United became the first local football club to stream its games live via YouTube, and club president Orville Powell says that it is time for other clubs to do the same if they are serious about development and exposing their players.

Before the Caribbean Football Union Club Championship last year, Powell thought it would be wise to record and document the team's games, and after almost a year, he is pleased with how things have unfolded.

"We decided that we needed exposure. We have games in the west, and most local TV games are in town and we saw that void and figured it is not just for people to watch the games. It is a marketing strategy to expose the players and the team," he said.

He added: "For the most part, we have to be calling people for tapes (of games), so we saw it prudent to invest in a live stream system. It has been more than a season, but just for our home games," he continued.

"We set up, stream and have it as record and reference for agents, scouts or teams to look at. It has been going well and has been getting more viewers and we feel good that we can build that platform. But we only stream live games that are not being televised or broadcast (locally)," he added.

Powell said that the system, which is owned and operated by club staff, is very simple to use and inexpensive. He added that he also has plans for an upgrade in the future.




"All this is done by Montego Bay United and their staff. We bought the system and we operate the system from our platform straight to YouTube. It can also be viewed on our website. We don't pay anything because we have members who operate the camera. It's just a two-camera (system) for now, with a switcher system, but we can go up to seven cameras," he noted.

Powell said although it's not a world-class system, it is simple and anyone can do if they are interested. "We don't use a platform that cost us, and it's basically for amateurs, but the quality is really good," he added.

Per week, the team gets an average of 500 to 1000 viewers and he wants to add even more cameras in the near future. "We have not done away games because we would need a high Internet service to bring it in HD, but the people are watching and can tell what is happening to our players. We plan to add two more cameras in the future because we want two behind the goal and maybe another one later. I don't think we need more than five cameras to attract more viewership,' he stated.