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Goodison says work being undermined

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMRachid Parchment

Director of boxing at the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control (JBBC), Kingsley Goodison, has denied rumours about the events surrounding his team's trip to Trinidad and Tobago recently for a competition.

A source who did not wish to be named told The Gleaner that the JBBC had sent a team of amateur boxers to the twin-island republic to participate in the Brian Lara Fundraising Boxing Tournament, but said it had encountered problems on the way. The source said one boxer was denied entry at the airport on arrival in Trinidad and that light heavyweight boxer Ian Darby had been forced to compete in the super heavyweight class, despite being unprepared. The source says that the team returned to the island quietly and the incidents were kept "hush-hush", as he describes it, because of what he says was their "bad" performance.

"They're keeping it quiet because they went and messed up again," he said. "Last year, they sent a team to Barbados and the coach was turned back at the airport also."




He said he could not understand how the JBBC has no money to host regular national championships but found the funds for the trip abroad. He added that he does not think that this is good for boxing in Jamaica.

However, Goodison, who served as team manager, refutes these claims.

"The whole tournament was a beauty!" Goodison said.

"The boys' behaviour was exemplary. Everybody was good. It was a good tournament, and everybody was happy. There are certain persons who are trying to undermine what the organisation (the JBBC) is doing. We're not here to destroy kids; we're here to build them up. These are people who know better, but they undermine you in certain situations. They will do anything to create mischief."

Goodison said that a couple of his standout boxers were Marvin Shea and Damion Williams, both of the Jamaica Defence Force Gym, who won their bouts. He added that Ricardo 'Big 12' Brown, who lost his super heavyweight match, also put on what he describes as a creditable performance.

He confirmed, as well, that Darby did lose in the heavyweight division. He said that the organisers needed someone in the 90kg division and Darby was available, so he entered but lost on a split decision.

He described the trip as a "goodwill tour", saying that many of the boxers had been travelling for the first time and put what he called a "gallant" display. He added that the purpose was to get these fighters used to overseas competition as the JBBC is trying to introduce younger boxers.