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Coaches say ...

Published:Tuesday | March 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


"The boys have been doing well and we have learnt from our mistakes from the past two years and we have done the corrective measurement to ensure that we do not make the same mistakes again. We are not surprised as the guys are highly motivated and they have fed off their performances and I must commend the coaching and management staff who really have done a lot to ensure that everything goes well and have given maximum support and the team is ready to deliver and bring back the Mortimer Geddes to North Street."


"Yes Kingston College has a very good team and because of this the fans can expect great competitions from both teams. We have prepared well and we are ready for the occasion and as usual they boys are ready to give of their best as they have a title to defend and they will not be under any pressure to deliver. Calabar will be giving their best and we will be hoping for the best results."

MICHAEL DYKE (Edwin Allen)

"The girls are pretty much ready to go and we are all anticipating another victory. At this moment all the girls are healthy and injury-free and are ready to deliver. We are very strong in all classes in the jumps, throws, sprints along with middle and long distances all around and this team has all the mixture for a great result. It will be a cardinal sin if any true fan is to miss the expected performances of these girls."


"Once again we expect another good results but unlike former years the team is under some pressure this time around as we are tipped to finish among the top three something which has never happened in the past but I do not allow the girls to dwell much with the media hype as I do not want it to get to them. I think a team like Holmwood Technical has a great chance of challenging Edwin Allen as they are former champions and they know how to win and they have been performing well all season."