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Repair or replace? - Summerbell Jr to make decision about his Evolution VIII

Published:Monday | May 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott
Summerbell Jr
David Summerbell Jr’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII race car being towed after his crash at the Jamwest Motor Speedway in Westmoreland last week.

David Summerbell Jr is currently weighing the options of repairing or replacing his modified Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII race car, which was seriously mangled after colliding with Doug Gore two Sundays ago at the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) at the Jamwest Motor Speedway in Westmoreland.

Summerbell wants to return in time to contest the Jamaica Race Driver's Club's Thunder Sport 2 championship. He also revealed that he and his team have a meeting planned with their sponsors this week. He said that any decision they take will be geared towards getting him back on the circuit with enough time to challenge the top contenders.

"We really want to try and stay in the championship this year," he said. "Whether it's changing a car or making repairs, the time frame is also important. But all of this would have to be cleared with our sponsors as to what they would like, as they are a very important part of the team and their opinion counts.

"The next two races are at Dover, so that is better for me as that track is more suited for my Evolution, if we are able to use that car. But it's early and we have some meetings to plan as to where we go. But there is a lot of research going on at this point," he told The Gleaner.

However, assessment of the vehicle is still ongoing and Summerbell said that has to be done before they can decide how to move forward.

"It's still early because we haven't pulled it down to a point to actually know. The body of the car is good, but the brakes are damaged, the rims and the axle are all damaged, and other stuff as well. We are trying to get prices on all those items before we can have a definite figure. Later in the week, we should be able to give out a little about where we are going," he said.

Summerbell described the regional championship as secondary and said he would only participate if his projections are on target.

"It (CMRC) is (still an objective), but it's secondary. Local racing is the priority, but if everything is on target, then we would want to take part overseas," he added.