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London 2017 | All about execution for Simmonds

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Megan Simmonds in training ahead of the IAAF World Championships.

LONDON, England:

Sprint hurdler Megan Simmonds says she is not too bothered by a couple of mishaps in her last two races and is confident ahead of her competition at the World Championships after a personal best performance earlier this season and regular competition against her rivals.

Simmonds' 12.63 seconds run at the National Championships in June, ranks her at ninth among athletes at the World Championships and the diminutive Jamaican says she is looking forward to improving on her semi-final qualification at last year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"The darkest part of night comes before dawn, I guess that is how I am looking at things coming into the World Championships. It made me more aware and I know I need to fix what happened and I am here, bigger, stronger wiser and better," said Simmonds in relation to her form coming into the championship.




"Gratefully I have had plenty races with the same females who I will be competing against next week and I'm definitely more confident in my capabilities and the fact that, Ok I am small but that does not take away from the hard work that I have put in and going up against these big, tough, strong capable females," she added.

Simmonds said she is looking to focus on her execution while speaking to her rivalry with compatriot and defending world champion Danielle Williams.

"I want to execute the way I do in training, that's the plan I have in mind. I always run some really good times in training but when it comes to competition, I small up myself and so I want to keep that same level of confidence and focus on executing as I do in training," she said.

"Danielle has been someone that I look up to and emulate since high school days and so our rivalry is something that is very important. I always hope that she is at her best and that all competitors are at their best because it's not only Danielle that I am competing against because everybody wants to run well and you train so hard for all year to be able to come and perform at your best," Simmonds pointed out.

- A.L.