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PLCA surprised at postponement of RSPL

Published:Friday | September 1, 2017 | 12:00 AMMarc Stamp
PLCA chairman Edward Seaga

The Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) has expressed its alarm that the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has postponed the start of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) due to what it termed "misinformation about financial liabilities".

In a release on Thursday, the JFF said it was forced to postpone Sunday's start of the RSPL because of a series of administrative failings on the part of the PLCA. Among the issues listed was the failure of the PLCA to deliver grants to Montego Bay United FC (MBUFC). The national football body also pointed to more than $4 million owed to referees and other match officials.

However, in a hard-hitting statement yesterday, the PLCA said it noted with "alarm, profound concern and disappointment that the Jamaica Football Federation has postponed the start of the Red Stripe Premier League on the basis of misinformation about financial liabilities allegedly owed by the PLCA to both MBUFC and the referees."

The PLCA denied that it is liable to any of the parties named.

According to the PLCA, a letter dated August 12, 2016 from MBUFC clearly stated they were withdrawing from the PLCA "with immediate effect" and did not want any benefits from any sponsorship, etc, negotiated by the PLCA.

"Acting on MBUFC's clear wishes and bearing in mind the arrangements with the clubs, PLCA allocated the relevant funds to the other 11 clubs that remained a part of PLCA," the release said.

It added: "PLCA later acted on the JFF's instruction to readmit MBUFC to PLCA membership as of April 1, 2017, approximately seven months after the RSPL had started. In so doing, the PLCA paid MBUFC what was due to it after the date of readmission. PLCA recently paid to MBUFC a pre-season August 2017 grant.

"In light of the JFF's decision to allow MBUFC's participation while being outside of PLCA; MBUFC's readmission effective April 1, 2017; and the prior distribution of sponsorship to the remaining clubs, PLCA has no liability to pay any further sums to MBUFC."




With regard to the referees, PLCA said it is not liable for any fees outstanding to them as PLCA does not employ the referees and has, therefore, not been invoiced by their association.

The PLCA apologised to its sponsors and "all other well-thinking stakeholders" for any inconvenience caused by the JFF's actions. It said it regrets specifically any inconvenience and losses that have been caused to the RSPL title sponsor Red Stripe, which had to postpone Thursday's launch of the RSPL 2017-18 season.

"The PLCA will continue to work in the best interests of the clubs, players, sponsors and all other stakeholders in order to enhance Jamaican football. Consequently, the PLCA is willing to meet with the JFF, MBUFC and all other relevant stakeholders in order to achieve an amicable resolution of all the outstanding issues as quickly as possible," the PLCA release concluded.

The PLCA's chairman is former Prime Minister Edward Seaga, while the vice chairman is Carvel Stewart.