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JaBA saw Broomfield's resignation coming

Published:Thursday | September 14, 2017 | 6:27 PM

Jamaica Basketball Association (JaBA) General Secretary Marland Nattie has said that President Dr Mark Broomfield's decision to resign was one which board members had expected for some time.

According to Nattie, Broomfield had said that he was having difficulties balancing his time between the association and his personal life.

Broomfield, who declined to speak to the media about the decision to resign, made it official yesterday morning. Nattie said that Broomfield also made the decision for religious reasons.

"Dr Broomfield is a Sabbath keeper (Seventh-day Adventist) and at times he has to go against his beliefs to conduct certain activities on weekends. One of the things is that all of the persons who work with the association are volunteers and so nine to five is usually out of it, in terms of executing most things on behalf of the association. There's very little that you can do in the evenings after work, so majority of the stuff in terms of meetings and planning and all of that takes place on weekends.

"Right now, the time constraint is one of his biggest problems and he had indicated that to us for a while back now because the association is like a full time job," Nattie told The Gleaner. "Dr Broomfield really cannot find the time to do everything in terms of executing his presidential portfolio."

However, Nattie said that Broomfield will still be involved with JaBA.

"It's not a situation where Dr Broomfield will be off the island or gone to another world. We have agreed that he will still be around to assist in certain areas."


Vice-President Calvin Martin will now serve as interim president and is expected to do so until JaBA's annual general meeting next February, where a new president will be elected. Nattie said that as the decision had not been officially made public, no one has yet come forward showing an interest in replacing Broomfield, but he expects nominees in December.

Broomfield had told The Gleaner earlier this year that the National Basketball League (NBL), which has not been staged since 2013, will resume in November. He added that one of the ways this was being made possibly was with sponsorship from overseas entities.

Nattie said that Broomfield's resignation will affect neither the tournament's resumption nor sponsorship.

"We are a board and we have been abreast of what is happening. There were members of the board who were part and parcel of that discussion (about the NBL). So it will just be a continuation of the discussion."

Broomfield had served as JaBA president since January 2015, taking on the position left vacant when former president Ajani Williams left in 2013.