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Stephenson: Delegates more comfortable with Ricketts

Published:Saturday | September 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Ambassador Stewart Stephenson

Losing Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidential candidate, Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, said although he was disappointed at being defeated in the quest for local football's top post, he thought he ran a credible race but believed his opponent had much closer ties with the delegates.

"I am very disappointed, yes, but I am proud that we ran a very clean and open campaign. We came with a plan which was workable, and that would have brought tremendous benefits to the football. But the delegates felt they wanted to support someone who they were more familiar with," he stated.

Stephenson added that he respect the fact that the delegates are more comfortable working with Ricketts.

"I was away from the board for nine months and they (board members) developed a relationship with Mike (Ricketts).

"But I have no regrets (with regard to) running for the position. I am very proud of my campaign team. Two friends contested the run-off and the delegates favoured one because of a closer familiarity. We are very proud that we were able to show Jamaica that there are alternatives to the development of football and we ran a very strong campaign, articulated our ideas and showed that we had a bond with the private sector which is vital to the development of football," he continued.

However, he noted that despite getting popular support publicly, he did not have the same level of support in the boardroom.

"Throughout the country, there was clear popular and overwhelming support for me. They know my track record and the vision and ideas that I have. But 13 men around the board took into account their own personal relationships with the candidate they felt more comfortable working with," Stephenson concluded.

- L.S.