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World ranking will boost local golf - Chin

Published:Wednesday | September 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMMarc Stamp

President of the Jamaica Golf Association (JGA) Peter Chin is elated that two of the country's elite tournaments received world ranking recognition from the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and the United States Golf Association last week.

The administrator believes the development will not only make local tournaments more attractive, but will also add value to the sport-tourism product.

This new recognition allow better competition among players at the Jamaica National Amateur Golf tournament from October 14-16 at Caymanas Golf Club and the Jamaica Open from December 6-9 at Half Moon in Rose Hall.

"The Royal and Ancient, one of the world's governing body together with the USGA (United States Golf Association), what they do is that they rank tournaments worldwide, and it means that people who play in those tournaments can get points for world ranking," Chin told The Gleaner recently.

"Jamaicans play in those tournaments and if they can get certain amount of points in the tournaments which is sanctioned by them, they will get recognition, and therefore, a Jamaican or anybody who comes to play in those tournaments will get world ranking points, depending on where they place in the tournaments. (If) They win, it they get a certain amount of points that go to their ranking," he explained.

"It is a big boost, and it becomes more attractive to play in the tournament now, because when they play, it will help their world rankings, which is very very important. You can't enter unless you have a world ranking. That is the hindrance we had with the local players; they will win here, but because they don't have a world ranking, it would not count. Now, it will be a tremendous boost," Chin added.

Chin noted that the association has been trying for years to get their tournaments recognised by the relevant global bodies.

"The JGA are very excited about this. We have been trying for many years to get the recognition from the governing body," Chin said.

"It will encourage the overseas professionals to play here as it will be worth their while. Even though you have prize money and a person comes down and they win, it nice to win a purse money, but this is a boost to also get world-ranking points," the local golf boss added.

Chin also believes it will boost tourism in Jamaica.

"It will also enhance the country's position as a golf destination. This will really help us."