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Cornwall anticipates tricky daCosta interzone round

Published:Monday | October 16, 2017 | 12:00 AMKavarly Arnold

Cornwall College head coach Dr Dean Weatherly is thrilled with his team's performance going into the dreaded quarter-final round of the ISSA-FLOW daCosta Cup.

He said that although he feels good about what he is seeing from his boys, he is also aware of the challenge they will be facing next round and admit they will have to be at their best.

"We are gelling together at the right time, going into the quarter-final round. This is where we need to be. It's a good feeling and a good look, so we just have to maintain the type of game that we are playing. With one team advancing out of four, we definitely will have to be on our A-game," said Weatherly.


Some tweaking


This week will be a break from competition for Cornwall College, but Weatherly said that next week will not just be for resting. He pointed out they also have some tweaking to do for the next round, particularly in the defensive third of their game.

"Although we did not get many challenges defensively, especially in the middle, we need to tighten up. The transition is very important and we are going to work on it this week," Weatherly said.

Meanwhile, after scoring twice in the team's 8-0 win over Morant Bay High on Saturday, captain Giovanni 'Gio' Reid said that he is happy with the their performance over the two legs of matches, where they won 13-1 on aggregate. Having managed to achieve such a feat, he said, shows the work they are putting in for the quarter-final round. However, he said that the team is "not quite there yet," and will continue working on their game for their next match.

"I'm happy with how we dealt with the second round of games. Wednesday we played a good game and (on Saturday) we showed that we are really working towards the quarter-final round. I don't think we are there yet, but we will be by next week," said Reid.