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KC, Excelsior top high school sports ranking

Published:Wednesday | October 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Kingston College and Excelsior High are the kings and queens of high-school sports based on a new and innovative scoring metric recently unveiled by SportsMax.

The aptly called SportsMax High-School Sports Ranking System created a points system for the nine disciplines the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) coordinates islandwide, coming up with a score for each school, separated by gender. The points were tallied, with additional marks allocated for being crowned all-island champions in any sport.

The disciplines tallied are track and field (six competitions), football (11 competitions), cricket (nine competitions), basketball (7), netball (7), volleyball (2), swimming (1), hockey (3) and table tennis (6). The Boys and Girls' Championships are awarded additional points based on the number of entrants and the representation at all age levels. Based number of schools, number of competitors and in addition to the fact that it encompasses all age group levels, success at the Boys and Girls' Championships was scored more highly than the other events.

For the boys, North Street powerhouse Kingston College emerged the most successful and consistent school across all sporting disciplines, and as a result, topped the JN School Savers table with 64 points. The Heroes Circle-based Wolmer's Boys' were second with 54 points, with Calabar a further nine behind.

The girls' equivalent table saw mixed-gender institution, Excelsior High, atop the standings with 42 points, 10 ahead of second-place Camperdown (32), another co-ed institution. The rural-based Edwin Allen were third on the list with 27 points.

Both Excelsior High and Kingston College will each be awarded $100,000 by SportsMax and JN School Savers for their achievements.

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Top boys schools:


Rank Schools Points

1. Kingston College 64

2. Wolmer's Boys' 54

3. Calabar High 45

4. St Elizabeth Tech. 44

5. Manchester High 43

6. Jamaica College 42

7. St Jago High 37

8. Munro College 36

9. Cornwall College 29

10. St George's 24

11. Papine High 22

12. Campion College 21

13. Excelsior High 19

14. Titchfield High 18.5

15. Glenmuir High 18


Top girls schools:


Rank Schools Points

1. Excelsior High 42

2. Camperdown High 32

3. Edwin Allen 27

4. Wolmer's Girls 24

5. St Jago High 22

6. Mona High 21

7. Holmwood Tech. 20

8. Manchester High 19

9. Gaynstead High 18

10. St Mary High 16

11. Denbigh High 15

12. Immaculate Conc. 14

13. St Elizabeth Tech. 13

14. Hydel High 12

15. Titchfield High 11.5