Wed | Aug 22, 2018

UWI FC denies salary dispute

Published:Tuesday | October 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMMarc Stamp
UWI FC's Fabion McCarthy (right) tracks Boys Town FC's Andrew Peddlar during their Red Stripe Premier League match at the UWI Mona Bowl on October 8.

UWI FC team manager Kerry Robinson has dismissed rumours of any pay dispute between the club and its players.

There have been reports suggesting that the club's players have been disgruntled because they have not received their salaries since the start of the 2017/18. But while confirming that the players have not yet been paid, Robinson sought to explain why that is the case.

"There is no pay dispute," she said. "It is that we are going through changes. We have the money, it is just documentation. The players will get their pay in a couple days. We are expecting a smooth transition," Robinson said.

"It is unbearable (lack of full payment). Hopefully, things will be back to normal again in a couple days. Normal meaning winning again," she specified.

"The players are still supportive, so as soon as things are resolved, it will be better," she added.

UWI, who were missing head coach Marcel 'Fuzzy' Gayle through what is being described as personal issues, lost 4-1 to defending champions Arnett Gardens on Sunday at the Mona Bowl.




But Robinson said that the result was down to how the team prepared in the week ahead of the game.

"They (players) have not been in training for the week (leading up to the game) because of unresolved matters," Robinson said.

Robinson also said the players have a base contract of $50,000 per month and higher.

"There are a lot of changes, and we are working to resolve as soon as possible. The players have not gotten full payment as yet, but we have given them stipends. We are having administrative issues," she informed.

UWI slipped to third position on 11 points, just one behind Arnett (12). They will next play leaders Portmore United (13 points) tomorrow at the Spanish Town Prison Oval at 3:30 p.m.