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Georgia Country Club has largest ever victory

Published:Wednesday | November 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM
From right: James Ransome, victorious Georgia Tennis captain; Collin Gallant, umpire and unbending score keeper: Hon. Harold Paul Arnold Muschett, Custos of Trelawny, who welcomed the players to Trelawny; and Tony Gambrill, captain of the vanquished Racquet-eers.

The rain, caused by an elongated trough moving over the island, stopped last Saturday afternoon to allow James Ransome to lead his tennis team at Georgia Country Club to an emasculating 52/20 victory over the visiting Kingston Racquet-eers team led by non-playing captain Tony Gambrill.

The match has taken place every year (almost) since 2003. Always played on the unique Georgia Club grass courts in Trelawny. The club remains almost impossible to find due to the terrible driveway. Captain Ransome recruited a large number of talented players right before the match.

The Georgia Team: James Ransome, Bruce Hart, Ian Dennis, Mark Harris, Floyd Logan, Roy Collins, Jenny Pragnell, Lesford Duckett.

The Racquet-eers Team: Everton Morgan, Norman Marshall, Junior Nickels, Rachael McLarty, Richard Gomes, Frankie Chalifour, Chris Wilcox - visiting medic from Washington, DC. Chalifour and NIckels won the only set for Racquet-eers.

Non-playing captain Tony Gambrill queried yet again as to whether Georgia had followed the proper rules and etiquette relating to the tournament. Scorer and umpire Colin Gallant again overruled Gambrill.

Preparations for the tournament were assisted by Sheona Muschett, Dimps Gallant, Deanna Williams and Monica Ladd.