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Griffiths planning for cycling's grassroots

Published:Tuesday | November 21, 2017 | 12:25 AMRobert Bailey
Jamaica Cycling Federation's new executive board, From left to right: Angus Gordon first vice-president, Graeme Isaacs second vice-president, Donna-Kaye Sharpe-general secretary, Joylene Griffiths - president, Carlton Simmonds -;national cycling coach, and Danyu Dacres-treasurer.

Newly elected president of the Jamaica Cycling Federation (JCF) Joylene Griffiths said that she will be working with all stakeholders in an effort to bring the glory days back to the sport and to increase its popularity of cycling in the country.   

Griffiths, became the first elected female president of the Jamaica Cycling Federation, after she was elected unopposed at Sunday’s Annual General Meeting, which was held at the Jamaica Olympic Association office in Kingston. 

Griffiths told The Gleaner in an interview yesterday that she was very delight to serve as the head of the (JCF) and she intends do her best to improve the growth and development of the sport in Jamaica.   

“I feel honoured to have been elected the president and I accepted it as something that I can do for my country,” said Griffiths. “I love the sport of cycling, I have been involved in it quite some time because I have been involved in giving support to the federation in helping to developing the youth cycling programme,” she said.  

 “I feel that this time is a good time to push cycling to the forefront because beside track and field, cycling is the only other sport that has won a medal in the Olympics with David Weller years ago and so it’s a very opportune time for us to push for another medal,” Griffiths said.  
Griffiths, the executive director of the Scotiabank Foundation, replaces interim president Dennis Chung, who severed in the position for six months.  

She added that the federation will be offering all the support that it can give to country’s top cyclist Marloe Rodman, who is trying desperately to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 

“I believe that if we are able to qualify for that Olympics, it will inspire a lot of the young people to take up the sport, which is really what we want to do to build the sport from the grassroots level up,” Griffiths said. 


She also pointed out that her federation intends meet with various personnel in an effort to re-energise and reorganise the local cycling clubs across the country.  

“Right now, we have nine at least nine clubs across the country and at least two of them have gotten in touch with me already to say that they are very excited about the new executive and they are looking forward to us visiting and helping to energise the clubs,” Griffith said.  

“At the club level, the energy has waned and they are hungry for that energy to move to another level and if we can do that, then that is where we are going to identify our future athletes,” she said. 

The other members of the new executive are vice president Angus Gordon, and second vice president Graeme Isaac. Donna -Kaye Sharpe is the General Secretary with Danyu Dacres as the Treasurer.