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Players unhappy at Arnett

Published:Sunday | December 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMNodley Wright

No team has managed to get the better of defending champions Arnett Gardens in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) this season, but they could lend a helping hand today in today's match if they do not show up, literally or otherwise.

Arnett Gardens are due to meet the promoted Cavalier this afternoon at 3 p.m. but have not trained for at least two days according to sources close to the club. Those reports were confirmed by coach Jerome Waite.

"I understand that the players are not happy because they have not received their pay for last month as yet," said Waite, who has had a very successful time as coach of the team.

Waite, who would not define the no show for training as a strike said that his squad would be determined by the players who showed up.

"As far as the game is concerned, I will be there and the squad for the game will be selected from who show the interest to play and turn up.

"There is not much else I can say," explained Waite.




Club president Patrick Roberts, when contacted, said there was no crisis and added that he expected the players to show up.

"There is not a crisis. Yes, the players were unhappy because the salary is late. The salary, which is due at the end of the month, was five days late when they decided not to show up for training," Roberts said.

"I have been in dialogue with the players, and all of that is being sorted out, and I expect them to show up. It is no secret that the entire league is facing a cash crunch, and we are a little bit late, but they will be paid," Roberts continued.

Turning up physically is one thing but being focused and ready to play is another, but this distraction could play right into the hands of Rudolph Speid and his Cavalier team. The six-place team came closest to beating the top-ranked team, having led them 2-0 only for Vishinul Harris and the team's leading scorer, Fabian Reid, to ensure that their team ended the match on equal footing.

"Nobody has been able to beat Arnett, but we have come the closest. The last time we met, we led them comfortably only for them to come back and draw the game. We are an attacking team and our intention is to do just that," said Speid, whose team boasts the exciting attacking trio of Chevone Marsh, Alex Marshall, and Nicholas Hamilton.


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