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Gattuso demands Milan teamwork

Published:Saturday | December 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Gennaro Gattuso ... AC Milan's new coach.

AC Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso is demanding a different attitude from his team in their game against Atalanta today after complaining that there isn't enough teamplay at the club.

After a string of poor results, the team spent the last few days in a training retreat which the former midfield warrior is hoping will help with bringing the players closer together and help them to understand his philosophy.


"We worked hard and had a few more hours on the training field. The problem with this team is not how it works, but we need some poison, more grit and bile," said Gattuso.

"There is experience from some of the older players, who with an extra word can fix positioning issues. At the first sign of difficulty, this squad disappears from the game. You can see it from the footage, they just lose their way.

"I was not satisfied against Verona, because every time we allow the opposition to come forward, we look ready to concede at any moment. As soon as we get stretched out, all our weaknesses are on show.

"We have to train the mentality, because physical fitness is not enough. I get the feeling my team doesn't understand the danger in some situations. On the second Verona goal, the full-backs were all pushing up, but that was my fault. It's something we need to improve, otherwise we risk another embarrassment.

"A training retreat was the least we could do after a point against Benevento and the 3-0 defeat to Verona. Some false things were written, as none of the players rebelled. If someone had, you would've been the first to know.

"We went in to the training retreat because we had to give a signal to the players and the fans. We were embarrassed. I see the lads give their all in training, but it's not enough, because in a match situation we seem to only do the bare minimum. We are fragile and seem to put ourselves in bad situations.

"We hope the fans don't protest during the game. If we suck, then they can jeer us at the final whistle. I cannot understand how we keep getting caught with both full-backs running forward simultaneously. It's no coincidence we get caught on the break, as we're dummies for falling for it."