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Caymanas tips

Published:Tuesday | December 26, 2017 | 12:11 AM

SUPREME VENTURES RACING & ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED TIPSTERS' COMPETITION       Racedate : 26/12/2017                                              
      CABLE SPORT NETWORK   TRACK & POOLS         RJR                   DAILY GLEANER                                     
     ----------------      ----------------      ----------------      ----------------                                                              
 1.  DINNER BY SEVEN       DINNER BY SEVEN       DINNER BY SEVEN       DINNER BY SEVEN                                                                
 2.  HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW                                                               
 3.  GREAT FAITH           GREAT FAITH                   DONTAE                  DONTAE                                                                       
 4. #ADORING LADY          ADORING LADY          ADORING LADY          ADORING LADY                                                                   
 5.  LOTTERY TICKET        LOTTERY TICKET       #LOTTERY TICKET        LOTTERY TICKET                                                                
 6.  EL PROFESOR           EL PROFESOR           EL PROFESOR           GIACONDA                                                                       
 7.  BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL         BIGDADDYKOOL                                                                  
 8.  DIOSA DE ORO          DIOSA DE ORO         #UNCLE WAL             UNCLE WAL                                                                     
 9. #ZUGULU               #URBAN PRINCIPAL       SWEET DESTINY         SWEET DESTINY                                                                 
10.  UNCLE FRANK           UNCLE FRANK           ATOMIC PRINCE         ATOMIC PRINCE                                                                 
11.  PATRIARCH             MARQUESAS             PATRIARCH             PATRIARCH                                                                      
12.  SCOOP JORDYNE        #FIERY PATH            SCOOP JORDYNE        #SCOOP JORDYNE                                                                 
      NEWS TALK 93          WESTERN MIRROR        STAR                  KLAS                                              
     ----------------      ----------------      ----------------      ----------------                                                              
 1.  DINNER BY SEVEN       DINNER BY SEVEN       DINNER BY SEVEN      #DINNER BY SEVEN                                                               
 2.  HOLOGRAM SHADOW      #HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW                                                                
 3.  GREAT FAITH           LIGHTNING LILY        DONTAE                BRUCE WAYNE                                                                   
 4.  DALLAS                ADORING LADY          JAMAICAN PHAROAH      MISS JUDY                                                                     
 5. #LOOSE CANNON          LOTTERY TICKET       #LOTTERY TICKET        LOTTERY TICKET                                                                
 6.  EL PROFESOR           NUCLEAR DAN DADA      GIACONDA             #EL PROFESOR                                                                   
 7. #BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL          WILL IN CHARGE                                                                 
 8.  DIOSA DE ORO          UNCLE WAL             PEYTON'S DELIGHT      BORONIA                                                                       
 9.  URBAN PRINCIPAL       AUNTIE RHONDA         SWEET DESTINY         URBAN PRINCIPAL                                                               
10.  STAR                  ATOMIC PRINCE         UNCLE FRANK           ATOMIC PRINCE                                                                 
11.  PATRIARCH             PATRIARCH            #PATRIARCH             PATRIARCH                                                                     
12.  FIERY PATH           #SCOOP JORDYNE         SCOOP JORDYNE         RED DREAD                                                                      
      CVM TV                TVJ                   IRIE FM               POWER 106                                         
     ----------------      ----------------      ----------------      ----------------                                                              
 1.  YOGA                  MY WAY                DINNER BY SEVEN       MY WAY                                                                        
 2.  HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW      #HOLOGRAM SHADOW       HOLOGRAM SHADOW                                                               
 3.  DONTAE                DONTAE                LIGHTNING LILY        LIGHTNING LILY                                                                 
 4. #MISS JUDY            #DALLAS                MISS JUDY             ADORING LADY                                                                  
 5.  LOTTERY TICKET        LOTTERY TICKET        LOTTERY TICKET        GARY GLITTER                                                                  
 6.  EL PROFESOR           EL PROFESOR           EL PROFESOR           EL PROFESOR                                                                   
 7.  BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL          WILL IN CHARGE                                                                
 8.  UNCLE WAL             UNCLE WAL             UNCLE WAL             DIOSA DE ORO                                                                   
 9. #BOFFO                #SWEET DESTINY         SWEET DESTINY        #MISTER BONES                                                                  
10.  ATOMIC PRINCE         ATOMIC PRINCE        #ATOMIC PRINCE        #UNCLE FRANK                                                                    
11.  COMMANDER TWO         PATRIARCH             PATRIARCH             PATRIARCH                                                                     
12.  SCOOP JORDYNE         COLORS OF WAR         SCOOP JORDYNE         SCOOP JORDYNE                                                                 
      JAMAICA OBSERVER      SPORTS GLOBE                                                                                                
     ----------------      ----------------                                                                                                          
 1.  YOGA                  DINNER BY SEVEN                                                                                                            
 2.  HOLOGRAM SHADOW      #HOLOGRAM SHADOW                                                                                                           
 3.  DONTAE                DONTAE                                                                                                                    
 4.  JAMAICAN PHAROAH      JAMAICAN PHAROAH                                                                                                           
 5. #LOTTERY TICKET        LOTTERY TICKET                                                                                                            
 6.  EL PROFESOR          #EL PROFESOR                                                                                                                
 7. #BIGDADDYKOOL          BIGDADDYKOOL                                                                                                              
 8.  DIOSA DE ORO          DIOSA DE ORO                                                                                                              
 9.  BIG BLACK NATION      ZUGULU                                                                                                                     
10.  SANDORI               UNCLE FRANK                                                                                                               
11.  MARQUESAS             PATRIARCH