Fri | Oct 19, 2018

Silver Sands World Cup lifted by Canada/Norway

Published:Friday | January 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM

On December 29, an eager group of teens from a wide range of nationalities gathered on the north coast to play the beautiful game. The sixth annual Silver Sands World Cup got under way with Global Village taking on the USA Dukes. The format this year was a round-robin event, with six multinational teams contesting.

The USA were anchored by Andy, their magnificent keeper, who thrilled spectators with a high-light reel of brilliant fingertip saves. He would emerge winner of the tournament's "Sticky Fingers" award for best 'keeper.

Global's depth of talent was marshalled by Adam "Messi" from the wing. He led a relentless series of attacks on the US defence. His probing runs and passes proved too strong for the US, who succumbed 4-0.

The Jamaicans formed an allegiance with Germany, and with TC galvanising his younger teammates, were the most entertaining and creative unit on show. Classic one-two plays split their opponents' defence repeatedly, but sadly, their finishing could not convert enough opportunities to give them the championship. Their best performance came in a narrow loss to the United Nations 2-1.

A clever merger between Canada and Norway produced a team, which, on paper, did not look particularly threatening. Despite their lack of years, they were well-coached and held on to their game plan even under extreme pressure. The girls did a splendid job keeping things steady at the back, protecting their goal. This left the forwards free to do their thing, which they did, disposing of the Cannons 6-1 and Jamaica 2-0.

In the closing match, Global Village were held to a 1-1 tie by the United Nations. Although both teams were unbeaten, Global finished ahead of the UN on goal difference, landing them the runners-up title. High scoring and winning both their matches, Canada/Norway became the undisputed 2017 Silver Sands World Cup Champions.