Mon | Nov 12, 2018

The 'Jungle' will flourish again

Published:Wednesday | January 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMNodley Wright/Gleaner Writer

After losing both their leadership and unbeaten record in the Red Stripe Premier League to Portmore United, as well as dropping in points in matches they were expected to win, it is clear that defending champions Arnett Gardens are going through a bad patch.

This is further compounded by the rumours circulating about the club and its financial issues, reports of players not being paid and when paid it is not on time. All this combined paints a grim-looking picture for Arnett Gardens and its fans, however, club captain Oneil 'Bigga' Thompson was adamant that parity will be restored.

"We will definitely be back," Thompson said at the end of their 0-0 home draw with Reno on Monday night.




"We still have another 11 games before entering the play-offs, so there is time for us to get things right. We just have to keep working hard as we are doing now and try to improve. It is not a matter of lack of commitment or playing badly. We created chances but failed to convert," added the man who last year led his team to the title after they just made it over the line to finish in the top six.

Occasional dip in form, Thompson added, is normal in football and that now is just their time. Of Monday night's game he said they were just off in terms of clinical finishing.

"We are a bit off in front of goal, which means that it is something we have to work on. We have to bear in mind that it is a long season and it is always disappointing not to take three points, but games like this reflect when the team is going through a period when we are not at our best and it is thus reflected in the result."

Financial issues, he said, have nothing to do with the team's performance. These same financial issues are nothing new and in the same way people are citing them as a negative they could be seen as a positive as the team was winning before under the same conditions.

"This is (financial shortfall) is not a new issue; it was something that existed before we lost. I think Jamaicans gravitate towards rumours to try to explain why things aren't going well.

"I am not saying we don't have financial problems, but why use that to justify or try to explain us dropping points; at Arnett Gardens, we always get paid. At times, yes, it is late, which comes down to financial issues. However, a lot of people are getting the concept of the situation wrong by saying we are not being paid, the same issues we have exists in other clubs, yet you don't see it getting blown out of proportion," concluded Thompson in his articulate defence of his club.