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Foster's Fairplay | Let's all save Windies cricket

Published:Wednesday | January 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMLaurie Foster
Cricket West Indies president Dave Cameron

For the many who have slavishly knelt at the altar of West Indies cricket for what appears to be an eternity, its current condition is less than encouraging. In fact, it is over two decades that the team has been drifting, lost at sea with little or no foreseeable let-up to the disasters the fans have come to expect.

This is so despite the Test triumph against England at the Leeds Cricket Ground last year.

The Windies have found themselves in a position where they are locked with teams like Papua New Guinea in an embarrassing attempt to qualify for the next edition of the ICC World Cup in 2019. It is time that something is done to halt the slide.

Foster's Fairplay is of the opinion that the players need to regain the pride, passion and commitment to the game in which they at one time or another ruled the world in all formats. However, the turnaround must come from somewhere. Who can be expected to lead this charge?

Surely, it should be the governing body. The problem that stands in the way of Cricket West Indies is that the group is in a situation where crisis after crisis succeed each other. Is that too much to heap on a body that has constantly been accused of the absence of coping skills?


Caution needed


Take the case regarding Darren Bravo, which seems to be still open. The West Indies' top batsman put himself in hot water by tweeting what was considered to be a disrespectful remark aimed at the President, Dave Cameron. The call was for him to apologise, which eventually came after an inordinately long period. When all was deemed to be a mending of the fences, the player is still to resume his West Indies career. This does not augur well for his future with the team, yet nothing is heard of advancing the dialogue to an acceptable conclusion.

Foster's Fairplay summed up all that as another false move by the authorities who see themselves as being in charge. Do they understand that leading an organisation of the stature of Cricket West Indies, is a lot more than just changing names to depict a new image, driving around in posh automobiles and attending black-tie functions?

The region has had its full share of faulty leadership, and cricket is bleeding for it.

This columnist issues a plea to the men and women, either elected or employed, to turn the tide of Windies cricket. There are volunteers among you, but you have a responsibility. It is no secret that things are not as they should be at the top but they need to be addressed with alacrity. All cannot be revealed, and this is understandable, but they should not be allowed to disrupt the flow of the product that is displayed on the field.

Windies Cricket is far too important to the region's people for it to wither and ultimately perish.

Let us all strive diligently for a sustainable revival.

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