Fri | Jan 18, 2019

Osbourne hails Jamaica Crocs' team unity

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMRachid Parchment/Sports News Coordinator

Captain Conan Osbourne said that there is what he describes as great unity between local and overseas-based players in the Jamaica squad as it gets ready for this summer's Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament in the United States.

With the Jamaica Crocs making history in becoming the first English-speaking Caribbean nation to qualify for the World Cup Sevens, some have drawn comparisonS to the similar feat accomplished by the national senior football team's World Cup appearance in France in 1998. The similarity continues as both squads comprise local and overseas-based players.

The Reggae Boyz were said to have been divided at the World Cup because the overseas-based players, who were professionals, were deemed to have a better standard of living than the local- based ones.

However, Osbourne told The Gleaner that this is not the case in the Crocs' locker room.

"There's no egos. There's no attitude," he said. "When the guys from Jamaica come over, they're eager to learn. When we all come together, obviously, we've been playing our patterns. When they come in, the first thing someone like Owen Linton is doing, is asking questions - 'What's this that I need to do?' So it makes having that sort of synergy between the two nations combining, just makes it that much easier because if you had the Jamaica-based players saying, 'No, I want to go this way,' and the English-based ones saying, 'No, I want to go this way,' it doesn't work.

"Everyone seems to see each other and know that we're all from Jamaica and we're all fighting for the same goal. That's the main thing. It just makes it so much easier playing as a team. The professional guys are willing to give their knowledge but are willing to listen and learn as well."