Tue | Dec 18, 2018

'Hollywood' Gore unveils new race car

Published:Saturday | March 10, 2018 | 8:43 PMRachid Parchment

After many months of speculation, veteran race car driver Douglas 'Hollywood' Gore has revealed his new car to be a modified Kia Rio.

Gore unveiled his new vehicle at ATL Motors in Kingston earlier this evening and said that it is "seven months of a dream come true."

"The car is something that we have actually asked a company out of Europe to build for us," he said. "We used the JRDC (Jamaica Race Drivers Club) rule book and we basically said to them, build it conforming to their rules. We wanted to make sure that we're not cheating. We wanted to bring a car to Jamaica that was able to not only, rule Jamaica but be the fastest car in the Caribbean."

The Kia Rio replaces Gore's Audi TT DTM which was wrecked in a crash at the Jamwest Speedway in Westmoreland in May last year. The car will debut at the JRDC's Carnival of Speed event at the Dover Raceway in St Ann, on the weekend of April 1.