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Front Runner Horse Seminar hailed a success

Published:Tuesday | August 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Vice-President of Kentucky Equine Research, Dr Randel Raub.

In a move to bring fresh ideas to the racing fraternity and to reinforce practices that were already known, Supreme Ventures Limited and Newport Mills, manufacturer of the Front Runner feed for horses, recently hosted a two-day seminar which targeted Trainers and Grooms.

The seminar took place at Caymanas Track Limited and was presented by Dr Randel Raub, Vice President of Kentucky Equine Research, an international equine nutrition, research, and consultation company that serves horse owners and the feed industry globally.

Among the areas that the presentation focused on were the proper handling and safety around the horse; working more efficiently in the stables, and to increase safety for groom and horse; Improvement of the welfare of the horse; nutrition and feeding for speed; procedures to minimise disease spread in a barn or on a farm; breathing problems in race and performance of horses; minimising accidental drug positives.

The cleaning and care of equipment, avoiding of the mucking of stalls, the wearing of dust masks, the use of safety equipment and being aware, were also highlighted during the presentation.




For Raub, it was his first time in Jamaica and he found the experience a rewarding one.

"I think the participants grasped a lot. There were some good questions and some very good discussions. I am happy that we had a full turnout," he said. "We targeted the Trainers and Grooms because even if you're doing this for years and years, sometimes you get a little complacent about what you know and what you think you know. It is good to be reaffirmed and reminded, because going to these types of presentations presents a real value. If you think you know all that there is to know, there's a pretty good chance you don't know all that there is to know.

Winston Thomas, Technical Sales Manager, Newport Mills said that the brand's involvement is important, because of the opportunity to see more holistic approaches to nutrition for the horse. He said that the aim is to now make the clinic an annual one.

Trainer Anthony Nunes, had praises for the seminar.

"I think the seminar is a fantastic move, not only by Newport Mills, but also Supreme Ventures. We need more of this, because when I started out in 1994, we use to have them more often. I think it is also beneficial to the grooms. I have 26 grooms and they were invited to attend the seminar', Nunes said.

"As far as Trainers go, the presentation about nutrition is a little more important to us, but overall, all of this has been beneficial."