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A proud mum in Lime Hall

Published:Thursday | October 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott
Reggae Girlz forward Jody Brown

Novelette Hall-Brown, mother of 16 year-old fleet-footed Reggae Girlz forward Jody Brown, says the entire community of Lime Hall in St Ann, where their family resides, is 'very proud' of her.

Mrs Brown did not get to watch her daughter play the most important match of her life, in which she provided a goal and an assist, due to work, but she was confident the team would qualify after Jody told her earlier in the day that she had the 'World Cup feeling'.

"'I feel so good,' she told this morning when I texted her. I was at work (while the game was in progress) but my son watched it on his phone and updated me.

"She is so blessed. I give God all the honour and glory.. This morning I prayed for the team and I feel so proud of her. Her community, Lime Hall, is also proud of Jody. She grew up in this community and played football with most of the men, big and small," Mrs Brown told The Gleaner.

She noted that Jody started out doing track but decided at the start of grade four that she wanted to join the primary school's football team and she has not looked back since.

"She used to run but one day she said she wanted to be on the Lime Hall football team," she revealed

"She was moving to grade four and asked me to speak with Mr Rose (coach). So that September morning I went to look for him and told him Jody wanted to be on the team.

"I thought he would have said no, but he was so pleased. He said he knew Jody could play better football than the boys, so he was excited about her playing for the school, and they went to the semi-finals for the first time," she said. "She then went to play for the St Ann Under15.. and from there she was called to the Under-15 national side and she has just continued to progress from there.


* Sixteen years old

* Grew up in Lime Hall, St Ann.

* Scored 21 goals as a 12 year-old at CONCACAF Under-15 tournament in 2014.

* Only female player on her primary school's (Lime Hall) football team.

* Attends Montverde Academy in Florida, USA.

* Scored hat-trick against Cuba at the 2018 CONCACAF Championships

* Named best young player at the championships