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Being like Bolt - Sport psychologist says J'can athletes need mental strength

Published:Monday | October 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMAkino Ming/Staff Reporter

Licensed associate applied sports psychologist Olivia Rose says Jamaica's sports professionals should develop mental toughness, as the world of sport is still full of racism.

Rose's comments came after a television host in Australia compared European clubs who are trying to'buy' Usain Bolt from Central Course Mariners Football Club, where the world record holder has been on trial, to the buying and selling of black people during slavery.

"We are at a stage where sports should represent diversity, and we are not there yet. Unfortunately, being black is gonna be even more challenging," Rose explained. "But we have to be mentally tough because we are not going allow someone's ignorance to affect us."

Bolt, who many sports enthusiasts regard as one of the mentally toughest athletes of this generation, did not respond to the utterance.

"And it is an attempt to get to the core of a person to try to destroy him/her.

"If it were a regular person, without him being who he is, trying to make it from scratch like he is doing with this new sport, it would have been way more challenging," Rose said.


Mental Strength


"But it is an opportunity to build mental strength. If it is that we are going to crumple under a comment like, that then the world of sport is not for you."

Bolt, who has been Down Under trying to realise his dream of becoming a professional footballer, caught the eyes of a number of European clubs after he scored two goals in a preseason game for the Mariners.

It has been reported that Bolt's agent, Ricky Simms, said that the sprinting legend has secured a contract with the Mariners, but Mike Mulvey, head coach of the A-League outfit, told reporters at the weekend that he was not aware of it.