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JFF reaffirms selection policy

Published:Monday | October 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMRachid Parchment/ Sports News Coordinator
Jamaica Football Federation headquarters in New Kingston.

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has reiterated its selection policy for all players looking to get into its national teams.

The federation released a statement yesterday saying that selection of players is the responsibility of the respective national coaches and their technical staff, based on the needs of their respective teams.

The statement comes after a furore regarding Bayer Leverkusen player Leon Bailey and his requests made to the body, which he wants granted before he accepts an invitation to represent the senior men's team.

"Players are scouted at the local and international level and depending on the needs of the particular unit, as well as the competencies displayed by the player he or she is extended an invitation," the JFF said. "The motivation of the Federation is to always have the best players representing the country. The Federation has in place existing policies, code of conduct or contracts for relevant units that guide issues of accommodation, per diem, transportation, match fees, disciplinary matters, etc. This is applied across the board to players and staff. There is no room for special negotiations for individual players."

Equal opportunity

Bailey had said that he wants the JFF to give equal opportunity to all players for national selection and many have interpreted this to include his adoptive brother Kyle Butler, currently signed to Austrian Division Two side FC Juniors OO.

The federation continued in the statement that it has been spending overtime to put in place cohesive units that will result in good performances on the field. However, it added that players invited to its national teams must exhibit undeniable worth to the team.

"Although there is still room for improvement, there is no room for special considerations outside the norm or for any special considerations," it said. "Where there are no contracts for some units, guidelines exist in relation to the same matters listed above. The federation has an open-door policy to any player that, in the assessment of the respective coaching staff, will add undisputed (which the statement stressed) value to the success of the teams."