Tue | Nov 12, 2019

Battle for JCA’s top post heats up

Published:Friday | February 1, 2019 | 12:20 AM

President of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven has hit back at ­recent comments made by ­presidential hopeful Mark Neita.

Neita, in an interview this week, said that the organisation is in need of a hands-on president who knows how to get things done. The Melbourne Cricket Club president, who is set to challenge Heaven for the JCA’s top post at the association’s annual general meeting (AGM) on February 28, told STAR Sports on Wednesday that Jamaica’s cricket needed a full-time president.

“They need someone who is ­focused, who is committed and dedicated to the success and growth of cricket nationally,” said Neita, who is second vice-president of the JCA.

However, Heaven said that the JCA does not need a full-time president at this time because there are many competent individuals who have been hired by the JCA to run the day-to-day affairs of the organisation.

“If full time means an executive president, then I am not in agreement with that organisational structure,” said Heaven.

“There is already an executive management in place, and there is a CEO (chief executive officer) and support staff for the management of the organisation,” he said.

“The board must be separate from the management. So what you need to have is the president and the board, which sets policy and gives direction. The management will then carry out the ­directives and the mandate of the board,” Heaven said.

“That is the direction in which all well-managed companies are going, and it is not only in sport, but in the commercial world, in the public and private sector. There is a separation between the ­function of a board and that of the ­management,” Heaven argued.

“So will the executive president of the JCA be a paid position? What will it mean for the organisation structure, and what changes will be necessary to achieve that, and in whose interest will that be?” Heaven questioned. “Will that be in the interest of cricket, or will that be in the interest of an individual?”

The veteran administrator added that he welcomed the challenge of Neita for the post, but he was confident that he would come out on top.

“Mr Neita, like anybody else, has the right based on the constitution to vie for any position ... ” said Heaven. “We have done our work and our work will speak for us at the AGM,” he said.