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MX boss wants more riders in the sport

Published:Tuesday | February 12, 2019 | 12:04 AM
Motocross Jamaica president Chris Lee
Motocross Jamaica president Chris Lee

President of Motocross (MX) Jamaica, Chris Lee, says the sport is growing steadily after the association staged its first race meet of the season at Temple Hall in St Andrew on Sunday.

The event, which is being staged every other month this year, attracted over 20 participants, with riders as young as seven years old competing.

Lee said the championship is very exciting, and therefore, he is encouraging a lot more riders to come out and participate in the event.

“We had quads out, as well as bikes, but I think the turnout is growing slowly,” Lee said. “The competition was crazy, but you had to be here to see it. We had about eight riders in the 85cc Class, and we had a lot of spills because the track was very muddy, so everybody had to take their time.”

Lee argued that the sport is growing rapidly worldwide and said that individuals wishing to take part should come out to the next MX Jamaica meet, in April.

“We just need more riders to come out because the sport is very interesting, and it is picking up, and it is growing,” Lee said.

“There are no females now that participate, but we are hoping to have a few very soon,” he said.

Lee said that the spectator turnout was fairly good and that he would like to see many more youngsters getting involved.

“We also need to have more fathers and sons, so we are trying to push the kids because it is a kids’ sports,” Lee said. “The big riders are fun and more experienced, but the kids are always fun to watch whenever they compete.”

Kyle Reynolds, Johnny Reijnen, Freddy Galbiati, Craig Powell and Kyle South were among the top riders who participated in the event on Sunday.