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Viral female rider can help push cycling

Published:Saturday | November 2, 2019 | 12:11 AMRachid Parchment/Assistant Sports Editor

Havana, Cuba:

National Cyclist Russell Small says that a video that went viral on the Internet earlier this week showing a woman riding home from work could help the profile of the sport locally.

Shellysha McCarthy was videoed by a motorist at a stoplight on Washington Boulevard in St Andrew on Tuesday afternoon clad in work attire, and heels, with a handbag over her shoulder as she made her way home from work. The video created a buzz on social media, with many persons commending her for the initiative shown in travelling to and from work. McCarthy also recently told T he STAR that men have even messaged her with marriage proposals because of the video.

Small, who rides his bicycle from his home in Green Island, Hanover, to work in Montego Bay daily said that McCarthy has shown the value of having a bicycle, given Jamaica’s traffic issues.

“I hope everyone takes note of what she said about the bicycle and the traffic,” Small said. “She has no problems getting to work, so she runs through smoothly.

“She’s riding a nice bike. It’s not a road racing bike, but it’s a really nice bike.”

Small also joked about the positives cycling also has on her health.

“Trust me, her boyfriend should be happy,” he said with a laugh. “It’s very healthy to cycle, trust me. I’d encourage everyone to cycle. If you can’t cycle, you take up swimming, but cycling is more fun than swimming. It works every single part of the body.”

Small is set to compete in the elite class of the Caribbean Cycling Confederation’s Road Cycling Championships being held here today.