Tue | Apr 7, 2020

Lothian, Lue square off

Published:Friday | February 28, 2020 | 12:09 AMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer

Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA) presidential candidate Andrew Lue says that the organisation’s long-awaited annual general meeting (AGM) and election of officers,are no closer to being held as Godfrey Lothian’s administration is yet to satisfy the constitutional requirement for annual audited statements.

Lue argued that Lothian, the long-serving president, does not qualify to run for the post again because of a history of gross inefficiency and lack of transparency and accountability.

“At this moment, Mr Lothian is ‘working’ to satisfy the constitutional requirement for annual audited statements by producing audited statements for 2018-2019. This is unacceptable since he is accountable for all seven years for which no audited statements were presented.

“The AGM will not be happening any time soon because of his inability to satisfy this constitutional requirement. As a matter of fact, it is my opinion that this gross inefficiency and lack of transparency and accountability disqualifies Mr Lothian from being a viable candidate for any position in the sport of table tennis,” Lue said.

However, Lothian explained that the delay in the audit and subsequently the AGM is due to the difficulty they are having in finding $350,000 to pay the auditors. He insists, nonetheless, that they are working on finding the money and as soon as they are able to pay the auditors, a date for the AGM will be announced.

“We have to pay the auditors $350,000 to pay for the audit and that is just a bottom-line price. But that is being worked on, and as soon as we can find the money we will have our AGM. If he (Lue) can pay the auditors we will welcome it, but we will meet this week to see how we can get the $350,000, and as soon as we get the money we will call the election,” Lothian rebutted.

Lothian also dismissed Lue’s claims that he is not qualified to run for the office.

“He (Lue) can say anything, my track record is there. Why you think I was elected first vice-president of the region? Why you think I am on a three-man disciplinary panel for Latin America table tennis. Who is Mr Lue to be saying that, what are his credentials?” Lothian snapped.

In response to Lue’s accusation of gross inefficiency and a lack of transparency, Lothian responded: “I cannot answer to that, I don’t know what he is talking about. That is a general statement, anybody can say that, but anytime he says anything (specific) he will have to provide facts.”

Despite the claims and counter-claims, both gentlemen say they are prepared and confident victory will be theirs when election is eventually called.

Lue, a former junior and senior national representative, believes he will be the next leader of the association, as long as the election process is clean and fair.