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Bernard urges cricketers to maintain fitness levels

Published:Sunday | March 29, 2020 | 12:35 AMLennox Aldred - Sunday Gleaner Writer
David Bernard Sr
David Bernard Sr

As the sporting world continues to be idle due to the coronavirus pandemic, athletes, in particular cricketers, are being urged to maintain their fitness levels if competition resumes sooner than expected.

Physical trainer for the Jamaica Scorpions team David Bernard Sr says that players should guard against irreversibility in their physical condition, which could lead to a drastic dip in form and worst-case injuries when competition resumes.

“It is important for the players to maintain certain fitness levels because they don’t want irreversibility to set in, and they pretty much will go back down to square one, and injuries and loss of form could factor,” said Bernard.

Just recently, Bernard sent in a programme to the Jamaica Scorpions coach as well as the senior women’s coach. The programme is geared at keeping the players in good physical shape despite being out of competition.

“The programme is very intense but very important as I recommended that the players train at least two to three times per week doing various sprints, inclusive of repetitions,” added Bernard.

The veteran trainer added that the 40-metres and 20-metres training programme, which mimics the YO-YO test (an aerobic endurance fitness test), was tailored for indoors and outdoors.

“If players don’t have enough space, they can work out indoors by doing knee lifts on the spot. Three sets by ten repetitions will still give them the workout they need.”

Bernard added that the maintenance of fitness level is critical as Cricket West Indies could soon mandate a post-season test, which all regional players must undertake following the curtailed West Indies Championship.

“These players need to be in good shape, because when cricket resumes, they will have to undergo this test.”


Bernard added that nutrition is also very important, and the players have to be even more careful in this downtime.

“They must continue to get in their carbohydrates and protein and rehydrate as best as possible, because if they don’t do this, injury can set in when they are ready to play cricket again.”

The Scorpions have had their fair share of injuries this season, with some five players going down with varying muscle strains and ligament damage.

West Indies all-rounders Dwayne Bravo and Andre Russell are two players who have continued to take their fitness seriously, with both players posting their daily workout routine on social media.

Bravo told The Sunday Gleaner that his trainer visits him at home every day to work out during the lockdown while Russell continues to utilise his backyard net facilities to train.