Sat | Jun 6, 2020

Bailey management responds to JFF threat of sanctions

Published:Wednesday | May 20, 2020 | 4:08 PMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer -

Phoenix Sports Management (PSM) says it stands by client Leon Bailey for comments he made about the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) an its impact on the senior national men's team.

These comments made by Bailey recently during an Instagram Live stream led to JFF officials saying that the national forward will be sanctioned.

PSM said on Wednesday afternoon that Bailey's experience at professional football level has surpassed any member of the national team or its coaching staff, and that the programme should be taking the advice of Jamaica's most current successful player, instead of seeking to vilify him in an effort to cloak incompetence.

PSM's statement said the player would have no problem taking time off international football if his countrymen and teammates believe his statement is untrue.

"Article Three of FIFA statutes adressess the right to freedom of speech and also the responsibility of officials to ensure the freedom of speech and expression is not compromised," PSM said.

"Nothing in Bailey's verbiage is libellous or inaccurate. As the management of Leon Bailey, we had sought a contractual agreement with the Jamaica Football Federation with the player.

"In this way, the player would be entitled to know what is and is not expected or allowed by the JFF. To date, our client has not been provided with a contract to agree or not to agree."

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