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Allegations of physical abuse in series of deleted Tweets from Kyle Butler Twitter account

Published:Monday | November 30, 2020 | 8:18 PMRachid Parchment/Assistant Sports Editor -

Tweets from the Twitter account of National men's Under 23 footballer Kyle Butler say he was attacked at a training session at the Mona High School in St Andrew on Monday.

Allegations were made in a series of since-deleted tweets, one of which contained images of graphic wounds to a hand, with the caption "Right thru".

"Today I got attacked and left on the road to bleed out. No more lies. I was attacked today at training, at Mona High School," the deleted tweets read. "I guess you can pick up the reason.

"Whenever I didn't want to play football or do as he says, he would resort to violence."

The tweets also claimed Butler, 22 years old, has been abused by a man, whom was not identified, since he was eight or nine years old, while also alleging that his mother has been mentally and physically abused for several years.

Butler is associated with the Phoenix All Star Football Academy, where he spent his youth in football before moving to a number of clubs across Europe. Having been out of a contract for an extended time, he put his football career on hiatus, choosing to focus on record-producing. However, he recently announced he would be making a return to the sport, but it is unclear if he had since joined a team or who he was training with during the alleged incident.

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