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The Editor delivers $195,222 Reggae 6

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2020 | 12:23 AM

REGGAE 6 bettors all across the island heeded Sunday’s warning and cashed in on The Editor’s masterful $1,440 wager on mandatory payout day, raking in $195,222 per ticket, despite the popular bet opening and closing with 18-1 outsiders, PRIMAL FEAR and MAMASHARONDARLING.

Uncharacteristically using only one banker, TRICKY ONE, The Editor proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he remains the country’s best value tipster, by a country mile.

Travelling like a well-oiled Pick 6 machine, The Editor didn’t drop a winner until the last two hurdles of his $240 Twilight 6 after scooping the Reggae 6.

The mandatory-payout winners would have been more had many not been shut out at betting windows in the swell, swearing they were intent on following The Editor on Sunday, especially after his stand-alone selection, 8-1 outsider, NIPSTER, was awarded Saturday’s ninth event in the stewards’ room on SIR ALTON’s disqualification.

Shaggy also spotted a Reggae 6 at the weekend, nailing Saturday’s $10,992 payout for his $1,440 wager, a budget bet by his standards.

The Editor also came close to winning his first $10,000 monthly ‘Most Winners’ prize, finishing November on 23 winners, losing by a short head, one winner, behind the pair of The Clockman and Rookie, who dead-heated on 24.

The Clockman, who won the August-September double, started Sunday one behind Rookie to force a tie with five wins, though unbelievably going against The Editor’s five-star banker, TRICKY ONE, which would have made him the sole winner instead of having to split dividends.

Meanwhile, Indian Flame has been scratched and replaced by ‘Frass’, who joins his teammate, The Clockman, as the second clocker in the eight-tipster line-up, which should spark fireworks as the respective rivalries intensify.