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Reading is a passion for Audrianna Garricks

Published:Saturday | August 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Audrianna Garricks-Photo by Claudia Gardner

WESTERN BUREAU:Eleven-year-old Audrianna Garricks will be stepping out at the beginning of this academic year in the blue and white tunic of Rusea's High School.

The Cove Primary School student scored a total of 95 per cent in mathematics, 90 in language arts, 88 in social studies, 80 in science and 10 out of a total of 12 marks in communication tasks to gain her place at Rusea's, which was her school of first choice.

"Rusea's was my first choice," Garricks told Western Focus. "I know some people who attended Rusea's and when I was little and travelling to Lucea, I usually pass by the school and say "a deh so me want go," she said excitedly.

"The uniform colour is blue, which is my favourite colour, and I also wanted to attend a school close to my home, so I won't have to travel long distances."

avid reader

"I'm going to miss Cove Primary a lot, but I am looking forward to my days at Rusea's - the subjects, the classes and the children there" she said.

Audrianna is an avid reader, which is evident in her good command of the English language. She prefers to read books above her age level, especially mystery books and romance novels.

"I like to read big books, like those with 400 and odd pages in there - without pictures, of course, because I like to imagine my own scenes. My father knows that, so he usually takes two or three books to me. I love mystery books. Nancy Drew books are my favourite," she said, her face immediately lighting up.

A past student of the ABC Learning Centre in Green Island, Garricks said her favourite subjects are mathematics and language arts. While she has not made up her mind as to the exact career path she wants to pursue, she is thinking of doing something in the arts.

"There are so many (to consider), whether a model, a singer, a fashion designer, but I am not really sure," she told Western Focus.

Garricks said her favourite meal is curried goat with rice and peas and vegetables. In addition to reading, her other hobbies include singing, watching television and playing board games such as tic-tac-toe.

- C. G.