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Young savers honoured by Hanover Credit Union

Published:Saturday | August 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Rusea's High School teacher Nervoline Clarke (left) is a picture of happiness as she celebrates being awarded the top school banker in the parish, during the Hanover Co-operative Credit Union's GSAT Scholarship Awards Ceremony at the Global Villas in Lucea, Hanover, last week Thursday.
GSAT awardees over the last five years pose with their parents during the Hanover Co-operative Credit Union's Grade Six Achievement Test Scholarship Awards Ceremony at the Global Villas in Lucea, Hanover, last week Thursday.-Photos by Claudia Gardner

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator

WESTERN BUREAU:Scores of students from the early childhood to the secondary level were honoured by the Hanover Co-operative Credit Union (HCCU) during their Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) Scholarship Awards Ceremony held in Esher, Lucea, last Thursday.

Top students savers from schools participating in the credit union's Schools' Saving Programme, as well as the top GSAT students in each school in Hanover, were each granted $5,000 bursaries, while two five-year scholarships were also granted to 2014 recipients Shermaine Lloyd and Meleika Munroe.

"It is encouragement for the top achievers and for those of you who are still in primary school. We are imploring you to work hard so you can be a scholarship recipient or even a top-achiever recipient," marketing officer at the HCCU, Salome Scarlett, said.

In her address, general manager of the HCCU, Jennifer Taylor Wilson, said she was pleased with the successes of the GSAT scholarship recipients over the years.

excellent results

"We have had excellent results from the students we have given scholarships to. They have been successful in their exams and, of course, are going on to tertiary institutions and we are extremely proud," she said.

Turning to the teachers who served as bankers for the Schools' Savings Programme, Taylor-Wilson said they had surpassed expectations, turning over more than $2 million to the students' credit union accounts between February and June this year.

"I have to congratulate the teachers who worked with us - they are not looking for money, they are not looking for returns - they just do the work willingly. We appreciate it," she said.

The Hanover Co-operative Credit Union's Schools' Savings Programme is open to youngsters no older than 16 years old.

Collections are done weekly at participating schools. Each child at the primary-school level also gets a chance to be selected for a GSAT scholarship, which will last for his or her high school life.

The GSAT scholarship programme is now in its 10th year.