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DVine Living offers healthier lifestyle

Published:Saturday | September 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Proprietor of DVine Living Essentials, Desrene Grant-Anderson.-Photo by Claudia Gardner
DVine Living Essentials carries a wide range of natural and organic health and wellness products.

Karrie Williams, Gleaner Writer

WESTERN BUREAU:DVine Living Essentials is riding a wave of interest that has led to a surge in the establishment of health and wellness facilities across Jamaica.

The microbusiness, which is operated by Desrene Grant-Anderson at 19 Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay, is guiding residents in the west towards living happier and healthier lives.

"I have a desire to see people well," said Grant-Anderson. "I think it's a fallacy for people to believe that it's OK for them to be sick and depressed and not live at their optimum ... . At DVine Living Essentials, we believe strongly that everyone can live at a higher level because that's what God wants for us," she added.

At DVine Living Essentials, health and wellness take a holistic approach. The centre offers a wellness coach as its first point of treatment for clients. Once accessed, a detailed health plan is then drafted to suit each client's individual needs and a follow-up procedure put in place to ensure ongoing support.

quality assurance

The centre also carries a wide range of health-care products and supplements, all of which are first tried and tested by Grant-Anderson and her team for quality assurance before they are presented for sale to customers.

"We research products before we recommend them to customers," Grant-Anderson said. "The brands that we carry are brands that we use ourselves. I don't carry any product unless I've used it first ... If I don't test it, then I can't tell my customers what the benefits are and what the side effects might be."

In addition to the health-care products, DVine boasts a spa, offering a range of therapeutic and metabolic treatments and a juice bar that serves up a wide variety of sugar-free and freshly made smoothies.

Highlighting the health benefits of smoothies, Grant-Anderson said, "Balance on the inside is vitally important," adding that at DVine Living Essentials, "juices are made to preserve their nutrient value."

The proprietor further pointed out that most of the ingredients used in DVine's smoothies are organic or are as natural as possible, with as minimal as possible use of herbicides and pesticides. These ingredients include the nutrient-rich asai berry, pomegranate, gucci berry, flaxseed, triseed, bee pollen and spirulina, one of the most nutrient-dense sea algae available.