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Montego Bay ready for Restaurant Week

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Margaritaville's popular fish and chips. - Photo taken by Di Foto Shoppe
Granola and Herb Crusted Grouper Fillet Gungo Pea Risotto, Coconut Saffron Cream. - Photo by Sugar Mill Restaurant
Granola and Herb Crusted Grouper Fillet Gungo Pea Risotto, Coconut Saffron Cream. - Photo by Sugar Mill Restaurant

Karrie Williams, Gleaner Writer


With the much-anticipated Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week just a mere week away, food lovers are now gearing up to feast on the delectable meals, which will be on offer from the participating restaurants.

"I have always enjoyed Restaurant Week ... who doesn't?" said Dean Salmon, the owner of the Montego Bay-based Di Foto Shoppe, which is partnering with The Gleaner in this venture. "It's real good food at affordable prices.

"I have already seen photographs showcasing the many dishes that will be on offer, and they have whetted my appetite, so I'm looking forward to satisfying my cravings and having a good time," added Salmon.

During the one-week period, participating restaurants will be offering a special menu, containing a set list of three-course dinner options, all available at discounted prices. Diners also have the option of choosing from five restaurant categories, these being 'Nyam and Scram', 'Tasty', 'Savoury', 'Delectable' and 'Epicurean'.

Steve James, radio host at the Kingston-based Bess FM, and a native of Montego Bay, has already made plans to visit the Second City during Restaurant Week. The self-proclaimed foodie, whose favourite meal is lamb chops, plans to dine at one of his favourite restaurants, either The Pelican Grill or Sugar Mill.

"I love the affordability of trying different menus during Restaurant Week. I have always enjoyed dining out during this time, and this year will be no different," said James.

Antonio McKoy, founder of the Le'Antonio Foundation, a children's charity operating in Montego Bay, said: "I am really looking forward to the start of Restaurant Week 2014. Every year it gets better. My favourite place to dine is at Marguerites and Margaritaville restaurants on the Hip Strip, where the hospitality is exceptional and their local Jamaican dishes are very good, especially their pumpkin soup with corn."

Evelyn Witter, a local market vendor, was much more colourful in her sentiments. She told Western Focus that even though 'dine in style' would be challenging on her income, she is ready to go out and sample as many dishes as she could.

"Mi start tek wash-out bout three week now, cause mi hafi sample di posh food dem and satisfy miself," said Witter. "A years now mi a look pon picture inna Gleaner, so dis year nah pass mi. Mi a go a two a di restaurant dem go eat pretty like everybody else."