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Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Abigail Anderson
Dennis Seivwright Jr
Roger Forrester
Romaine Gordon
Keron Gobourne

Do you believe Falmouth has benefited from pedestrianisation and the advent of cruise shipping?

  • Roger Forrester, safety specialist

Falmouth is not benefitting from cruise shipping. With in-bond shops already inside the pier, there is no need for passengers to come into the town of Falmouth. I would love to see the social infrastructure of the town developed so that other opportunities can open up for the residents.

  • Abigail Anderson

Falmouth is not benefitting from cruise shipping and I don't expect that to change. The offerings that should be located in the pedestrianised area of the town are being offered inside the pier. I believe if we had attractions in the town, we would stand a better chance of getting some of the benefits.

  • Dennis Seivwright Jr

"I operate a restaurant in the centre of the pedestrianised area, which is a mere 200 metres from the pier, and I am not enjoying any of spin-off benefits from cruise shipping. While the pier itself is a brilliant idea, I don't believe it was built with the town of Falmouth in mind.

  • Keron Gobourne

The state of our town is a very big concern to me. We have a spanking new facility that is the envy of the region, yet with all the activity each day, not much has happened for Falmouth. The Government must act now to change this situation.

  • Romaine Gordon

What is happening now does not benefit our town. The tourists disembark here, but are taken to attractions elsewhere, leaving our residents and business operators hanging. The port is well kept, but the wider town is in a very poor state. That must be dealt with.