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Dr Vendryes unveils new book for men

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AMAdrian Frater
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Eric Hosin, (left) President of Guardian Life Limited relaxes with heath writer Dr. Anthony Vendryes at the Guardian Group blast off 2014 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston recently.

Western Bureau:

Dr Anthony Vendryes, who hosts a weekly radio programme on Power 106 and writes a column in The Gleaner dubbed An Ounce of Prevention, has released a book promoting healthy lifestyle.

In An Ounce of Prevention: Mainly for Men, Dr Vendryes covers a range of issues encapsulated in five sections, namely: healthy ideas, healing agents, danger areas, common complaints and male issues, covering up to 100 subjects.

This new book comes on the heels of an earlier book directed at women, titled, An Ounce of Prevention: Especially for Women. In that book, Dr Vendryes presents readers with a simple, practical message on a wide range of health concerns.

In this new book, the doctor, who has been a columnist on life-style issues for over 15 years, covers topics previously written about in his newspaper columns as well as new subject areas.


The book explicitly teaches men what they need to know in order to prevent diseases and to live a long healthy life. In this way, the male species, through choosing prevention, would avoid the statistics of death from heart disease, cancer, strokes, chronic lung disorders, In Section 5, Dr Vendryes explores 'Sex and the Ageing Male,' starting with the comforting quote, "perhaps the most important ingredient for a fulfilling sex life is the ability to satisfy your partner, and that does not necessarily require peak sexual performance."

The book, which could also offer women a fairly good insight into understanding men, explain the types of food that males should consume to stay healthy, and those that should be avoided so as not to compromise one's health. It includes little known information such as the fact that men who drink a lot of soft and sugary drinks have a 40 per cent risk of compromising their health.

Section 6 of the book, includes extra added features found in the appendices, which offers low carbohydrate, general and cancer diet sheets; medical sunbath direction and a prostate questionnaire, which further informs the discerning reader.

Based on the feedback from, An Ounce of Prevention: Especially for Women, Dr Vendryes is hoping that men will gravitate towards this book in the hope of being exposed to the type of information that will guide them towards embracing a healthy lifestyle.