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Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Garth Wilkinson
Dr Lee Bailey, businessman
Rev Dr Sonia Seivwright
Ras Astor Black

Do you consider the Government's decision to buy Outameni a worthwhile investment?

Garth Wilkinson, mayor of Falmouth

Outameni is not only a good investment for Trelawny, it's a great investment for Jamaica. Not only does the facility bring you through Jamaica's cultural heritage ... it takes you on a journey that you can never forget.

Ras Astor Black, aspiring politician

They should not have gotten involved in buying Outameni because you cannot sell the story of our slavery to the very people who are accused of enslaving us. I hope they are not planning to give the previous owners the facility to manage.

Dr Lee Bailey, businessman

No, its a trust and you cannot use people's trust fund in this manner, especially in the business of attractions management. This requires individuals with experience, especially due to the fact that animated offerings such as Outameni are hard sells.

Rev Dr Sonia Seivwright, president of the Trelawny Minister's Fraternal

I am on the periphery with this issue, but while National Housing Trust might have acted outside of its mandate in making this purchase, I hope for the sake of the people of Trelawny that it works out. I also hope that there will be a revamping of the production, because I was not totally impressed with what I saw on my visit there.