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Hanover JCSA donates signage to Lances Bay

Published:Saturday | November 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Members of the Hanover Chapter of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, students, teachers, and community members gather for a photo by the newly erected school sign.


Members of the Hanover Chapter of the Jamaica Civil Service Association in collaboration with community members, erected a new directional sign for the Lances Bay Basic School in Hanover on Wednesday, as a part of its commemoration of Civil Service Week.

Community members assisted in erecting the sign in the vicinity of the Lances River Bridge on behalf of the school which, according to secretary of the organisation Kathy-Ann Penni-cooke, is one of Hanover's most undeserved.

"We were tasked to do a project as a chapter and then we brainstormed some ideas. We thought of bus sheds and school signs and it came to us that a sign would better impact an educational institution. Then we contacted the school to find out whether they had a school sign, and we were told that they didn't have one, so we said this is a good idea that we could run with," Pennycooke told Western Focus.

Unsupported school

"Last year, on Labour Day, we did painting of the school. We thought we could adopt the school because it is in great need of development, because it doesn't get much support, whether from the business community or any other organisation. We looked into a parish project, erecting a school sign, as each year the JCSA provides $30,000 to each chapter to implement a parish project," she added.

According to chapter chairman, Adrian Kerr, the organisation will be undertaking several other projects at the school in the course of the coming year, including the establishment of a play area, the undertaking of a literacy programme, and the construction of a perimeter fence on the premises.

"We are focusing on pre-schools because we believe that early-childhood education is the foundation. We want to give back as much as we possibly can as a chapter to help to mould the young minds from now. So that is basically why we have adopted the school," Kerr said.

Principal Pauline Steen thanked the group for its efforts to assist the decades-old institution. "I want to say a big thank you for giving us this sign. And for painting the school, I still say thanks again, and for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this," she said.

- C.G.