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Published:Saturday | November 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
RICKARDS File Allan Rickards, chairman of the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers Association
Luther Buchanan

With the Chinese-owned Pan Caribbean Sugar Company recently investing over US$100 million in the upgrading of the Frome Sugar Estate, do you believe the estate is now poised to realise its fullest potential?

Nigel Myrie, president of the Savanna-la-Mar Chamber of Commerce

Frome has been showing increased productivity, but what had hampered us, even in the last crop, was the wet conditions, and this naturally will affect cane quality. Frome should do very well with injection of the new funding.

Ambassador Derrick Heaven, executive chairman of the Sugar Industry Authority

Pan Caribbean's intention was clear from day one. They are treating sugar as a business, and the sort of investment they have made so far shows how serious they are about it. I am sure that they can achieve the goals they have set.

Allan Rickards, president,

All-Island Jamaica Cane

Farmers' Association

I am of the view that, for the Chinese to maximise on their investment in local sugar, they had to change management, which they have now done. Now that they have a good relationship with the local producer, I believe they will achieve whatever targets they set.

Luther Buchanan, state minister in the Ministry of Agriculture/MP for Eastern Westmoreland

Every form of investment means more jobs and economic growth, and Pan Caribbean's investment speaks volume of its determination to succeed here in Jamaica. Our Government is supportive of their efforts as it will definitely benefit the country's growth plans.